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"Stupidity On Steroids"

 Today I talked with Virginia Senator Mark Warner about the lack of action from congress in getting another COVID-19 stimulus as the pandemic rages.  "I think it is possible that we'll get a package, I think the level of pain out there is just going to be too great, what frustrates the hell out of me is that we gotta go through this political dance of the back and forth rather than getting rational people in the room and cutting a deal." More at WJLA . 

14 Million, Down The Drain

What would you do with $14 million dollars?  DC spent at least that much on a new public pool that they have to now tear down, before it even opened.  More on WJLA. 

'We can do this again: Prince George's County seeks to reverse COVID-19 surge

 Prince George's County, Maryland has the highest COVID-19 caseload in the DMV.  During the summer the county took great strides to blunt the curve, with remarkable results.  However cases are rising again and the County Executive is calling on residents to look out for each other once more.  Read more at WJLA. 

A Chance Encounter

 In September on a walk with my fiancĂ© I came upon DC's African American Civil War Memorial. While I had walked U Street multiple times this is the first time I noticed the memorial, and also saw the damage done.  In a moment when the nation was talking about relics of the Confederacy, I wanted to know the story about the men who fought for their own freedom from slavery.  Almost 2 months later, here is the story.  Read more from WJLA. 

COVID-19 maintains deadly grip on Black people in DC

Its getting worse.  COVID-19 Deaths in DC, July 9 - November 10. Black residents: 73. All others: 20.  The pandemic never slowed down for Black people in DC. My latest dive into the numbers via WJLA.