I'm Alex Spearman. Currently I am the Executive Producer for Late News at WJLA-TV the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. 

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I'm a passionate journalist with a dedication to community engagement and a knack for producing in-depth and appropriately aggressive coverage. I'm driven by fairness, accountability and fun.

Through recent opportunities I have been able to step out of the newsroom and report/field produce. Being able to use my experience as a photojournalist, interviewer and long form story writer has been an exciting career development that I want to build on.

My favorite challenge is taking what seems like a complex issue and helping it relate to the viewer. I get excited about helping an anchor or reporter prepare for what could be a challenging or noteworthy interview.

When it comes to community engagement I enjoy and thrive in communicating through Twitter, Facebook and our station's website.

Connect with me: @AlexJSpearman 

As a newsroom manager I aspire to be fair, firm and a verified team leader and consensus builder. I am goal oriented with an attention to detail and a passion for ownership.

As a line producer I pride myself on being a voice of calm in the storm both literally and figuratively. I've been a trusted leader and team member in extended breaking news, weather and political coverage. I also don't mind the occasional cute animal video.

Here you'll find the reporting I have personally been working on. 



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